FYeah Wedding Rings Welcome to FYeah Wedding Rings! This blog was created to help all those lovers looking for the perfect ring. Here you'll find a large variety of rings in different shapes, sizes, colors, cuts, and karats. Submissions are always welcome! Please check out the FAQs before asking a question! Thank you!
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Will you follow/check out my blog?

Unfortunately, I cannot follow you because this is a secondary blog. However, I love all my followers and will gladly check out your blog from my personal tumblr. I may even follow you back!

Where do you find all of these rings?

I will reblog pictures from Tumblr, though I sometimes find the rings through Google or jewelry stores.

How much does *this* ring cost? Where can I buy it?

Like I said, I do not find all of these pictures on my own. Please look to see if the picture is reblogged. If the original publisher didn’t state where they found the ring, then I have no way of knowing. If I am the original publisher, please check to see if there is a click-through link before messaging me! Please be sure to include the url of the picture in question so I can easily identify which ring you’re talking about.

Do you accept submissions?

Absolutely! I love seeing my followers’ gorgeous rings! If you’d like your ring featured on FYeah Wedding Rings, send in a picture. Obviously I will always give credit to the owner!